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Welcome to Agreeable Nature!
a little story about us

A family owned farm

We live on our family farm in rolling country of South Otago. We farm diversely with 450 dairy cows, sheep, beef, bees, 6500 pasture free range hens, and all the microbial life in our soil. We are regenerative farmers, focused on working with nature to product nutrient dense food. Our beyond sustainable practices see diversity in microbes, plants, animals, and business enterprise. We observe and learn with nature.

Our Food Philosophy

We are all about nutrient dense food production.  This is about getting the nutrients back into food which means getting the flavour back into food.  Nutrients = Flavour.

We eat from our land, producing as much food as we can ourselves. We believe everyone should have access to quality food.  We eat nutrient dense food with no additives or preservatives.

In keeping with our zero waste principles we believe we should use all of the animal to get all the nutrients available.

We are about transparency and honest in our food, what you see is what you get. We love pasture to plate food cafes and support this movement. We believe in using local artisan skills people wherever possible. We eat fresh, seasonal, local food, which helps with our foot print on the planet.

When we make an egg and bacon pie at home it is always made with Free Range Eggs and Bacon.  We want people to share in the great food that we enjoy.

Our pies are baked locally in Dunedin by an Artisan Baker

Showcasing our free range eggs our baker has skilfully brought together our eggs with fresh local produce into delicious home style pies and frittata.

We have a range of foods that we eat at home on the farm which we would like to share with you.  These are whole food, made by hand, following our recipes using Free Range, fresh and natural ingredients, locally grown whenever possible.